Road transport is one of the most accessible and convenient carriage modes. The developed road infrastructure and availability of obligatory road accesses to the warehouses of shippers and consignees make this transport mode indispensable when carrying cargo over short and medium distances. Due to the fact that cargo trucking usually does not involve transhipment, accompanying documents clearance is simpler in comparison with other transportation modes. Great variety of trucks makes it possible to transport practically all kinds of cargo – from bulk and liquid to out of gauge.

   In order to reduce the clients’ delivery costs, it is possible to organize shipments by groupage truck. In this case the client’s load is either consolidated with other shippers’ cargoes kept at the terminals in various cities of Europe and the C.I.S. or the route of the truck is chosen so as to pick up the cargo en route.

   Out of gauge cargo carriage should be also noted because it requires specialized trucks of high payload capacity or constructional features that enable to carry long-length cargo. Such kind of shipments requires especially thorough approach in the development of cargo fastening schemes, checking the route and receipt of permits and approvals.

   A series of agreements concluded with truck owners and operators enable «Steiner Sea and Air» Ltd to deliver any kind of cargo in international connection and to/from the Black Sea and Baltic Sea ports as soon as possible and at a reasonable cost.