Railway transportation makes it possible to organize transportation of big shipments to long distances. This is the second cheapest transport mode after marine transportation. Well-developed railway network allows delivery of big cargo shipments to many regions of Europe and the C.I.S. A wide range of freight cars enables to organize carriage of various cargo: bulk, liquid, unitized as well as out of gauge and heavy lifts.

   Regretfully, because of a great number of rail gauges it is impossible to avoid a necessity of cargo transfer in transit. It concerns transportation from the C.I.S. to Europe and back.

   It should be noticed that the railway-ferry transportations allow to make shorter the way and time of delivery to the following countries of the Caucasus and Middle Asia. A network of ferry lines interconnecting the Black Sea ports of Ukraine (Ilyichevsk), Bulgaria (Varna), Turkey (Istanbul) and Georgia (Poti and Batumi) as well as the Caspian Sea ports of Azerbaijan (Baku), Turkmenistan (Turkmen Bashi)and Kazakhstan (Aktau) enable to design the optimum cargo delivery routes.

   Direct agreements with the railroads of Ukraine, numbers of partners in the neighbouring countries and a great number of partners who owns rail cars makes it possible for Ltd «Steiner Sea and Air» to organize timely allocation and delivery of rail cars for loading and transportation Your cargo at any point in the C.I.S.