Shipload consignments necessitate port works connected with acceptance of cargo from road/rail, organization of cargo storage and accumulation and loading cargo on board or in reverse direction.

   For performance of these procedures «Steiner Sea and Air» LLC concluded agreements with the major Ukrainian ports and keeps employees who can give a qualified advice and organize cargo handling in Odessa, Ilyichevsk, Nikolaev and Oktyabrsk ports.

   Our reliable and well-proved partners enable our company to organize cargo handling also in ports of China, Latvia, Poland and Georgia.

   Quite often there are instances when the shipper has no chance or sufficient skills to load cargo in containers or when cargo shipment is being formed from various sources and requires consolidation in the port area before being shipped in containers. We can organize these works in the immediate vicinity of Odessa port within a warehouse which is equipped with everything necessary to accept general, liquid and bulk cargo. We also organize packing cargo in bags or big bags followed by stuffing them in containers for shipping to the consignee’s address.

   Specialists of our company arrange preparation of containers and installation of flexi-tanks in containers so as to deliver them to the shipper who may fill them with liquid cargo or we can organize re-filling of cargo into flexi-tanks from road tanks / rail tanks on the terminal.

   Contact our company and you will get comprehensive information about loading methods and cargo fastening and a high-quality service when performing these procedures!