Accurate and competent organization of customs clearance of goods inbound or outbound to/from Ukraine is the obligatory pre-requisite for minimizing costs and time underway for any kind of international carriage.

   Unfortunately it often happens due to a number of reasons, both objective and subjective, that the cargo is delayed at the border crossing points and the consignee gets it late. In order to avoid such delays and detention and preclude possible confusion, it is necessary to use a comprehensive approach to customs clearance – that is why a staff of our experienced customs brokers who possess extensive experience in customs operations is ready to provide You with its services.

   Far from being full, the list of our services that we offer You in order to optimize customs clearance of Your goods includes analysis and choice of the optimum customs clearance alternative, professional selection of the UCG FEA codes, preparation of the required permits or price evaluation of the goods, calculation and payment of customs duties, arrangement of the cargo customs declaration and provision of the temporary storage warehouse or bonded warehouse services.

   Our brokers are ready to develop and offer the optimum solution in each specific circumstance in strict accordance with all Laws and By-Laws of the effective Ukrainian legislation.

   Assistance in searching for a reliable foreign supplier of certain products is also a great and important part of our services in the export/import sphere. Selection of suppliers based on Your requirements to quality and quantity of products, control of quality and quantity of shipped goods, warehouse services connected with consolidation of goods in China – this is far from full list of services which our foreign agents can provide You on Your first request.